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Mortgaging Services

We offer assistance in areas of mortgaging and financial options to guarantee the right fit for your realty needs. With our in-depth knowledge in this field and the know-hows, we locate the best financing solutions and viable means at competitive rates and thereby assist the client in consolidating their ownership of the property.

Legal services

We offer legal and contractual services to ensure the customer’s compliance with the statutory status of realty ownership. Consultation and legal advisory goes a long way in officiating and materializing our ideas. We provide a diverse range of legal-centric services to ensure smooth consolidation of real estate and diligence in key legal aspects. 

Snagging services

We offer snagging services that ensures smooth handing over of property and spaces. We conduct thorough levels of inspection and do a proper assessment on the conditions of the property. Our trained personnel look into key aspects of the space to scope out for repairs and omissions. This way we keep things hassle free and transparent for the client and enable a smooth transition in handing over of the property and ensure quality standards are met

Contracting services

We provide contracting services to materialize your ideas and plans and turn it into a reality. Our trained personnel work closely with the design and pre-construction team and execute the plans in a hassle free manner within the prescribed schedules. Based on high levels of standards and performance, we assess and deploy subcontractors and suppliers ensuring smooth development and execution of your project. We keep the client’s expectations at the forefront and efficiently organize and execute our operations adhering to the budgets drawn, safety protocols and superlative construction quality. 

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